Drama Club Celebrates 20 years of Instant Talent

Lights, curtain, action!


Opening the show, Drama Club board members performed a musical medley using kazoos which included songs from Phantom of the Opera, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones. “Instant Theatre is so important to DHS because it shows our true talents,” said Leonhard. “In the spring musical, we are told what to sing and how to dance, but Instant Theatre allows anyone to show their hidden talents” (photo by Kathryn Valldejuli).

Dominican’s Drama Club celebrated 20 years of Instant Theatre this fall. In early November, members of the Drama Club performed the annual Instant Theatre in Alumnae Hall for students, parents and faculty. The Drama Club members showed off their talents in a variety show which included a multitude of performances such as dances, songs, skits, poems and monologues.

“Instant Theatre gives students of the Drama Club a chance to perform and show off their talents in front of an audience,” said Mrs. Rosalie Abadie, Drama Club moderator.

Some acts of the night included songs from shows such as Hairspray, Annie Get Your Gun and Kinky Boots. “My favorite part about Instant Theatre is right before the show starts when we hold hands in a big circle and say a prayer together as a cast,” said junior Bryce Leonhard, who performed a song from Annie Get Your Gun. “At that initial moment, we are just awkward high schoolers, but when we get on stage, we transform into performers  with the help of God and each other.”

“It’s a group effort to get this done,” said senior Maddy Lewis, Drama Club president. “The performers themselves make it happen.”


Quirrel or Voldemort?— Quirrelmort! Seniors Cappy Elvir and Maddy Lewis perform a skit from “A Very Potter Musical” inspired by the Harry Potter phenomena. “My favorite part about Drama Club is everyone coming together and being able to form this theater community” said Lewis (photo by Kathryn Valldejuli).

The Instant Theatre showcased 35 talent-filled performances that ranged from songs to skits to dancing. Crowd favorites included ballads by Adele, a Quirrelmort Harry Potter parody, and a tap dance to Outcast’s “Hey Ya!”

Instant Theatre also acts as a fundraiser for the Children’s Hospital Toy Drive. Admission to the event was one unwrapped toy.

In 1998, the first Instant Theatre featured what the drama students had been working on. English teacher Ms. Casey Lefante (’01) was lucky enough to be a part of this tradition when it first started. “I love that Instant Theatre began when I was a student, and Dominican still does it,” said Ms. Lefante. “The community loves it, too.”

Instant Theatre is still a success 20 years later and is a great kick start to the fall season.

“Everyone in Drama Club is passionate about expanding her boundaries, and Instant Theatre lets us do that,” said Lewis.

The Drama Club provides the experience. Instant Theatre provides the stage.

  • Kathryn Valldejuli