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Students for Dignity and Diversity in Action

Terrance Osborne shows Diversity through Art – To celebrate Black History Month, Dominican Students for Human Dignity and Diversity in Action visited local artist Mr. Terrance Osborne’s art studio on Magazine St. on Feb. 11.

Mr. Osborne led the 15 girls around his studio – a lavender scented sanctuary, exploding with colors – and explained almost every piece of artwork. Because of his love for his family, Mr. Osborne tries to include aspects of his family into is art through birthmarks, facial features and special dates.  

Mr. Osborne is famous for his New Orleans-inspired paintings. He paints images of people and places including a portrait of St. Mary’s Dominican High School. The Dominican High School painting hangs in the Siena Foyer, on display for all who pass.

Club President Elana Perriott believes it is important for the club to take field trips like this one. “It is a fun way for us to see our culture in action,” said Perriott.

“Mr. Osborne was so generous, and his dedication to his work inspires me,” added Perriott.

  • Morgan Muscarello


Dominican ADDS Another Win!

Easy as Pi! – On Feb. 15, MAΘ team members competed in a math tournament at Brother Martin High School. Team members, ranging from sophomores to seniors, participated in three tests: individual, team, and interschool.

 Coinciding with their current level of math, members completed their individual tests. In Algebra II, sophomore Elizabeth Mobley placed 4th and sophomore Janie Bickerton received honorable mention. In Pre-calculus, junior Sydney Raymond placed 1st. Finally, in Calculus, seniors Kennedi Melancon and Irene Yu received honorable mention.

“It was an awesome way to complete my last MAΘ tournament,” Melancon said, “I loved being able to experience some wins with my teammates one last time!”

  • Isabelle Fitzmorris

Craft Club

Craft Club’s “lip gloss is cool,” and their “lip gloss is popping”!

In February, Dominican Craft Club members made their own glistening lip glosses. The crafters flavored glycerin with delicious extracts including strawberry, vanilla, almond, watermelon and peppermint.  After picking the perfect lip-smacking taste for her gloss, each club member put her mixture into personalized tubes, using glittery gems.

For each meeting, Club Moderator Ms. Angelle Caffery allows the club’s board choose projects for each meeting so the club is using the latest teen trends. The board members also teach the Craft Club members the steps of each project and help them along the way.  The club’s board members are seniors Emily Heim, Audrey Owen and Sarah Rogers; juniors Kaitlyn Huynh and Elana Perriott; and sophomore Rhea Bawa.

Vice president Heim said that the board “enjoys finding activities that the members can take into their own hands.”

The best part of Craft Club is “the freedom you have in the activities,” said Craft Club secretary Bawa. “You get to throw in personalization to make each project your own.”

  • Lindsey Foles