A Toast of Praise to Literary Rally Participants!

Congratulations to all the students who participated in District Rally at Southeastern University on Saturday, Feb. 18, and in State Rally at LSU on Saturday, Apr. 1.

A Toast of Praise to you!


The following students qualified at district and competed at State Rally in April.

Caroline Bickerton-Advanced Math-Pre-Calculus

Maggie Latham-Algebra II

Lili Cerise-American History*

Gabby Terranova-Biology II

Catherine Cerise-Calculus I*

Madison Ferguson-English I

Camille Scandurro-English III

Audrey Buck-English IV

Sydney Raymond-Physical Science

Elizabeth Champagne-Physics

Ashley Patron-Spanish I

Lorissa Gallardo-Spanish III

Victoria Liu-Spanish IV

Congratulations to the following students who were district qualifiers.

Annie Smith-Advanced Math-Pre-Calculus

Abigail Webb-English IV

*awarded Southeastern Scholarship for achieving the highest score on their tests

Congratulations to the following students who placed at the State Rally at LSU in April!

Caroline Bickerton-Advanced Math-Pre-Calculus-3rd place

Maggie Latham-Algebra II-2nd place

Lili Cerise-U.S. History-1st place

Catherine Cerise-Calculus I-5th place

Camille Scandurro-English III-1st place

Audrey Buck-English IV-5th place

Sydney Raymond-Physical Science-3rd place

Elizabeth Champagne-Physics-3rd place

Lorissa Gallardo-Spanish III-2nd place

Victoria Liu-Spanish IV-1st place overall winner-Scholarship Winner

Ceci Bourg and Elise Bourg-Superior Rating for Girl’s Vocal Solo: High Voices

Molly Gaffney and Annie Smith-Superior Rating for Girl’s Vocal Solo: Low Voices

Ceci Bourg, Catherine Cerise and Lili Cerise-Superior Rating: Girl’s Trio

Courtney Mercadel-Excellent Rating: French I: Interpretive Reading

Emilie Wensel-Excellent Rating: French II: Extemporaneous Speaking

Erynn Johnson-Good Rating: French III: Extemporaneous Speaking

Abigail Nix-French IV: Superior Rating: Extemporaneous Speaking

Nayah Thomas-Spanish II: Superior Rating: Interpretive Reading

Gabrielle Duhe-Spanish III: Excellent Rating: Interpretive Reading

Victoria Liu-Spanish IV: Superior Rating: Extemporaneous Speaking

Tia Peck-Spanish IV: Superior Rating: Interpretive Reading