E-Board Says



Adelia Obioha, EBoard Vice President


Out with the old, in with the new.

The second quarter of the school year is coming to a close, but there is a lot to look forward to. Christmas time is upon us, and we did something a little different this year. The five days of Christmas! The week leading up to exam review day was packed with Christmas activities.

On the first day of Christmas, we had a lunch full of caroling outside by the fountain. On the second and third days of Christmas, there was music playing at lunch and pictures with Santa. The big guy was played by yours truly, and might I add, that suit was HOT.

On the fourth day of Christmas, there was a Christmas-themed bake sale of Christmas cookies. After purchasing a delicious cookie, there were Christmas movies being played in the gym for everyone, naughty AND nice, to watch. The proceeds from these Christmas fundraising events will go to support St. Michael’s Special School.

On our fifth day of Christmas, the grades competed in the annual Carol-Off. Each class performed Christmas songs while wearing their holliest, jolliest Christmas sweaters and socks. These five days of Christmas spread the Christmas cheer across the Domini-land.

The instant we step back on campus from Christmas break, it will be Rally Season. RALLY. DAY. The most acclaimed day at Dominican in February.

Rally Day is just as intense for me as a senior as it was when I was an eighth grader.  Probably more. Chants, relays, side cheers, cheerleaders, ringing ears, class spirit, posters: you name it, Rally Day has it. After the day is all said and done, there will not be a soul in the gym that still has her voice, and that is all part of the fun.

Putting all of this excitement aside, we must remember to keep Christ in Christmas as well as in everything we do. Merry Christmas from me to you!

– Adelia Obioha, Vice President