Five Named to District VI Senior Honor Choir

Named to the District IV Senior Honor Choir, senior Elise Bourg, juniors Ellie Karcher and Kamryn Gervais, freshman Carol Alley and senior Pelarr Edwards prepare to sing their next choral piece at a concert on Loyola’s campus.  

On Sun. Jan. 26, these Dominican students donned their black dresses and pearls to perform alongside other honor choir students in Loyola’s Roussel Hall. The concert showcased honor choir students from the Jefferson, Orleans and St. Bernard parishes who were all exclusively selected to be members of the chorus.

Dr. Meg Frasier, the head of Loyola’s music department and this year’s choral clinician, taught these students in an advanced setting, giving them a chance to experience how a choir works in college and beyond. After only a week of rehearsal, these high school voices blended in a harmonious performance, making the final product even more impressive.

Dr. Frasier directed the chorus in a variety of musical styles. They sang a  wide range of songs spanning from the gospel piece “Ride On, King Jesus” composed by Moses Hogan to a choral edition of Billy Joel’s “And So It Goes.”

 Bourg, who is now a veteran honor choir member, ended this high school experience on a high note. “This was my fifth and final district honor choir, and one of my absolute favorites,” said Bourg. “I’m so thankful for the experiences and friends honor choir has given me.”

  • Olivia Olson