Discernment: The ability to judge the thoughts and intentions of one’s heart

Sr. Bea Tiboldi, O.P., vocation outreach minister for the Dominican Sisters of Peace, talks to Mrs. Aline Delgado’s senior Vocations class about discerning whether or not to enter the sisterhood.   

In January, Sr. Bea spoke with the students about discernment and her road to becoming a member of the Dominican Sisters of Peace.  Discernment, the ability to judge the thoughts and intentions of one’s heart, is an important factor in choosing a vocation. “Discernment is a process,” said Sr Bea, “and God wants you to be the best of what He’s given you.”

Sr. Bea’s journey to sisterhood began when she was fifteen, though she did not enter an order until she was an adult. As a teen, Sr. Bea was overcome with emotions during Mass one day, knowing how much God loved her. However, the time for her to enter the sisterhood occurred much later. She entered an order later in her adult years after being a teacher and helping underprivileged students. She looked at 32 congregations and felt her calling after coming across the Dominican Sisters of Peace.

“Responding to the needs in my community was a big priority,” said Sister Bea, “and choosing the Dominican Sisters of Peace was the best way to start.”

Explaining the challenges with discernment, Sr. Bea discussed what students can do to work through the discernment process.  “Practice to serve humbly and learn how to be there for others,” said Sr. Bea. “Work with your feelings and be attentive to your emotions.”

  • Gloria Thomas