Bio II Opens a Can of Worms

Carefully executing a dissection in Biology II, seniors Kennedy Payne and Abigail Pratt dig deep to get the dirt on worms.

 In January, Mrs. Madelyn Maldonado’s Biology II class got familiar with the inner workings of an earthworm. The students put their goggles on and got their gloves dirty to see the annelid’s organs and learn about the functions of the earthworm’s system.

According to Mrs. Maldonado, labs are beneficial because “they are something other than just listening to a description.”  When dissecting, “the students get to take action just like a real biologist would,” said Mrs. Maldonado.  

Students were excited to see what they learned on paper come alive – in a dead worm. Junior Jenna Essa found that the most interesting part of the lab was how “an animal can seem so simple, but actually have such complex insides once you get up close and personal.”

  • Lindsey Foles