Flashback Dance! Faculty Members Share Dance Memories

The night was young when Mrs. Katie Belou Kirkwood (’05) pulled up to her sophomore year Neat ‘n Sweet Dance in the ultimate mom-mobile: a fifteen-passenger van. Along with their dates, she and her friend group stepped out in style as the walked into the dance. – Isabelle Fitzmorris

Mr. Cameron Hahne attended Schlarman High School in Danville, Ill. His homecoming dance in 2002 was “one of those awkward first dances where nobody knew who to go with,” so he went with one of his best friends. When he and his friend got to homecoming, they danced “to such hit music as ‘A Moment Like This’ by the new artist Kelly Clarkson.” Fun fact about Mr. Hahne – he still has and wears that tie from this picture. – Olivia Olson

Mrs. Katie Ibarra remembers her senior prom at Archbishop Chapelle High School in 2006. . “We had Prom Fest after prom where we could play a bunch of games and win prizes for college. I remember my date being so excited about winning prizes that he played a ton of games, and he ended up winning a TV,” said Mrs. Ibarra. She remembers that her date felt bad that he won a TV at her prom, but she had not. So, he played more games so that he could also win a TV for her. “And he did! I remember driving home in my friend’s truck with two massive TV’s on or laps thinking…..this is the life.” – Olivia Olson

The year: 1993. The place: St. Louis, Missouri. The faculty member: Mrs. Meg Womble. Mrs. Womble was dressed to the nines, along with her friend Kelly, for her junior prom at Incarnate Word Academy in St. Louis. She and her friends kicked off their special night with a carriage ride through Forest Park in downtown St. Louis.

Mr. Dennis Panepinto was a senior at Brother Martin High School in 1981, and the time was quickly approaching for him to find a date for his prom. Because he was shy, he had not gone to any other dances, and his senior prom was his first one. His mother insisted he go. The prom must have worked out because Mr. Panepinto’s date later became his wife; he has much to thank his mother for.   – Morgan Muscarello

With the SARG all decked out for the Neat ‘n Sweet Dance, Mrs. Madelyn Westholz Maldonado (’10) looked forward to a festive time with her new boyfriend during her last winter dance at Dominican. Little did she know that one day they would be married. – Isabelle Fitzmorris
“This was one of my absolute favorite dance dresses!” said Mrs. Joan Rupp, who graduated from St. Joseph’s Academy in 2006. After attending this Catholic High School prom in Baton Rouge, the seniors attended a casino night staged by parents and teachers. The parents dressed up as casino dealers, and the students “gambled.” Mrs. Rupp remembers that in post-Katrina Baton Rouge, many dances showcased New Orleans bands because the groups needed more work. “One band in particular I remember was The Boogie Men,” said Mrs. Rupp. – Olivia Olson
In 1991, Mr. Randy Duplantis attended the Archbishop Chapelle Christmas Dance with this then-girlfriend, now-wife Bridgette. He remembers that there was a group of twelve who went out to eat at before the dance. One of the girls at the table accidentally added 5 packs of sugar to her soup. “I also remember that another girl’s date was a huge wrestling fan,” said Mr. Duplantis. “Instead of wearing the customary cummerbund with his tuxedo, he wore a world championship wrestling belt.” According to Mr. Duplantis, that same fellow later become a professional wrestler. – Lindsey Foles
In 2010, Ms. Lauren Guidroz (’15) attended her eighth grade Winter Formal at St. Mary’s Dominican High School. All of her friends were bringing dates, so she felt obligated to ask her grammar school crush. Before the dance, her group of friend’s dined at a nice Chinese restaurant. The water was served in fancy goblets, and in an attempt to look cool and sophisticated, Ms. Guidroz tried to delicately sip her water but instead dropped the entire glass in her lap. With the help of her mother and friends, Ms. Guidroz tried her hardest to dry her dress with a hand dryer but was out of luck. Unfortunately, “I had to show up to Winter Formal in a soggy dress and soaked shoes,”  said Ms. Guidroz. – Morgan Muscarello