Dominican Starts the Journey

Ms. Shea Moreau, class of 2015

Ms. Shea Moreau (’15) returned to DHS for Club Induction Day. During her time at Dominican, Ms. Moreau served as E-Board Vice-President, Student Preacher, reporter for The Star and more. Committed to “journey toward greatness,” Ms. Moreau shared her experiences at both Dominican and LSU. This following is her speech to the DHS student body:

Father Andrew, a priest at Christ the King parish church on the LSU campus, once said during a homily, “We are not meant to live comfortably, but to live greatly.”

After hearing this, I began to think about how I could pursue a greater purpose in my own life. I realized that Dominican was the first step in my ability to try to live greatly. I ran for class coordinator eighth  grade year and did not get it, but I swear it’s because the girl who won did this amazingly fierce roar, and I just could not compete with that. I tried again, and I was elected 8F class representative. Not only was I given the opportunity to get involved in student council, but I was able to start my journey towards greatness.

I started to become a figure that not only relayed information from the meetings during homeroom, but I became approachable, empathetic and a leader. I then went on to be class coordinator and finished my Dominican career on E-Board as the Vice-President.

I used my position on Student Council to not only say announcements every morning but also to step in when someone needed a friend. Student Council gave me the opportunity to take that step towards greatness.

In May, I graduated from LSU, and I can’t think of an organization that I wasn’t a part of. I was a member of Kappa Delta sorority, and I was the Vice-President of the Panhellenic Council who oversaw all thirteen sororities campus. Additionally, I was on student government, I coordinated events with the nursing home through the speech pathology organization, well, the list goes on. Now that I am in graduate school, juggling cadaver lab, neuroscience and six patients a week.

I learned that Dominican is the reason I am successful. Dominican is the reason that I’m still taking steps towards greatness. Student Council was the first step in teaching me how to juggle real life. I am able to handle a large caseload because of Dominican.

In graduate school, I work with stroke patients who can no longer communicate with their families. I work with children with a variety of disabilities whose parents feel helpless because they can’t communicate with their child. I work with children with dyslexia who get bullied by their peers for being “dumb,” again. Again, the list goes on.

I chose this career because I am able to help others every day. My career doesn’t only challenge my mind; it challenges my heart. Dominican, specifically Student Council, taught me that I have the qualities to do this job well. I am timely, I am organized, and, most importantly, I care. I’m helping change lives for the better.

Dominican, you all have the same opportunity presented to you right now. Use this time to be the woman your classmates can look up to and confide in. Forego the comforts of the world and take on the challenge of achieving greatness.