Dominican Travels the Globe

Oh, the places they went!

Adventure was on the itinerary as three Dominican students traveled to new places and learned exciting things. Those students brought back their memories and experiences to share with the rest of Dominican community.

During the summer, seniors Tai Sutherland and Amanda Bolden, as well as junior Sara Sciortino, embarked on journeys all over the country and world – from Michigan to Australia. Though the girls traveled for unique purposes, they brought back their knowledge to share with the DHS community.

An Australian Adventure

Enjoying AucklandSenior Tai Sutherland takes in the sights of the Eastern Hemisphere along with her family during her summer visit to Australia and New Zealand.

Have you heard about the Aboriginal Australians? If not, Tai Sutherland has the answers. This summer, Sutherland journeyed across the Atlantic Ocean to the Outback.

With her family, she visited Melbourne, Sydney and Uluru, Australia. While there, she visited many attractions, including an invitation-only Aboriginal Australian island.

Sutherland’s trip taught her about Aboriginal culture. Aboriginal Australians have been on that continent for over 70,000 years.

 “It opened my eyes to things I didn’t know about their culture,” said Sutherland.

Authentically Australian – Indigenous people from the land down under, Australian Aboriginals, share their culture during an invitation-only visit to Clark Island in Sydney, Australia. Senior Tai Sutherland visited this secluded place, dedicated to preserving Aboriginal heritage, during a summer trip that included other cities in Australia and New Zealand.

With the knowledge she gained from her trip, Sutherland hopes to bring back insight about the Aboriginal Australians’ lifestyle.  “With what I know now, I can discuss diversity from a new perspective,” she said.  

An Innovative Internship

Working in the school lab can be fun, but working in a research lab surrounded by paid professionals is even more fun. Over the course of eight weeks during the summer, this was senior Amanda Bolden’s life.

Bolden earned a research internship at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland. There she conducted research on cell biology, worked in labs, collected data – all while taking math and sciences classes.

Senior Amanda Bolden discusses her presentation on cell migration at Johns Hopkins Medical School in Baltimore. For eight weeks during the summer, Bolden focused all of her efforts on the internship she earned.

However, that was not the only thing that impacted her summer. While in Baltimore, Bolden lived more independently than she ever had.

“I had to take the bus every day to my internship, make sure I made it on time and take care of myself,” said Bolden. Today, Bolden remains independent in many of the things she does.

Bolden hopes to go into a research field in the future. With this experience, “I can help students who struggle (in math and science) so they will improve.” said Bolden.

A Preaching Pilgrimage

After spending a week deepening her faith at the annual Dominican High Schools Preaching Conference, junior Sara Sciortino reads other prayers written by teens, always searching for inspiration to share with DHS student body. – photo by Isabelle Fitzmorris

Bringing back knowledge from a trip can be the most fun part of the experience, but for Student Preacher Sara Sciortino, it was even more. Deciding to embark on this journey came easily to Sciortino. “I felt myself falling out of my relationship with God,” said Sciortino. “I felt God was trying to call me back to him, and I felt that becoming a student preacher was the best way to do that.”

In June, Sciortino, along with other new student preachers and Ms. Claire Gallagher (’04), headed to Adrian, Michigan, for the Dominican High Schools Preaching Conference.

After a day of working with the Salvation Army, Sciortino collaborated with the Colegio de San Antonio, a school from Puerto Rico, on a prayer service. She participated in the washing of the feet, and she gave her first reflection during the service.

At the conference, Sciortino experienced new cultures and diverse ways of worship. She learned to unite people of different backgrounds through prayer and is bringing back this concept to the DHS community.

This year, Sciortino plans to make the students of Dominican feel welcomed into the activities the preachers have to offer. She hopes everyone will feel comfortable getting involved with the activities.

The adventure continues as these students share their broadened view of the world with their friends on Walmsley Ave.

Oh, the things they learned!

  • Isabelle Fitzmorris