Dominican Celebrates the Sisterhood of the Senior Ring

Every year, the seniors await the day when they can triumphantly run through St. Mary’s Hall as their friends excitedly turn their class rings.

Ready to have their rings turned, seniors Rileigh Centanni, Gabriela Rivera and Catherine Bickerton excitedly run through the foyer, ready to take on the smiling and cheering halls of St. Mary’s Hall. photo by Isabelle Fitzmorris

This day was Ring Day, one of the most highly-anticipated days of the year. However, the day consisted of so much more than simply receiving a ring and running down the halls.

The Ring Day Mass and Ceremony was full of excitement and significance to Dominican faculty and students alike. Joined by their families on Sept. 6, seniors celebrated Mass and excitedly received rings in the Sr. Ambrose Reggio, O.P. Gymnasium.

The Dominican community gathered to bless the Class of 2020 during the Ring Mass. Father John Restrepo, O.P., made the day even more special by delivering a homily about the importance of prayer.

Father John blessed the senior rings, linking each senior to sisterhood of Dominican. “The ring is one of the nicest symbols of a connection to high school,” said Mrs. Jill Cabes (’87), vice-president, Dominican Catholic Identity.

Reflecting on the Past, Looking Toward the Future – Senior Erin Sequiera, executive board president, delivers a funny and nostalgic reflection of the Class of 2020’s freshman year. Along with fellow class coordinators Zoee Hunter, Molly Alexander, Lyndsey Jones and Bryce Leonhard, Sequiera shared memories as freshman coordinator as part of the Ring Day Mass and Ceremony on Sept. 5 in the Sister Ambrose Regio Gym. – photo by Isabelle Fitzmorris

After Mass, Zoee Hunter, Erin Sequiera, Lyndsey Jones, Bryce Leonhard and Molly Alexander, seniors who have served as class coordinators, each gave a reflection, reminiscing on the year of their leadership. Happy tears and laughter filled the SARG as the Class of 2020 revisited their time at Dominican.

In her reflection, E-Board Secretary and 2018-2019 Junior Coordinator Bryce Leonhard focused on the bond the class experienced during last year’s Rally Day.

“Through that Rally Day season, we reached the pinnacle of sisterhood,” said Leonhard. “I realized why we do Rally Day every year. We work together with a common goal, and that bonds us.”

She held this message close to her heart as she ran down the halls in a pair of saddle oxfords painted to tribute the class’s junior Rally Day— “Juniors Hear a Who.”

Following the reflections was the Ring Ceremony, where each senior receives her ring. Some seniors continue the sisterhood of the senior ring and inherit legacy rings from mothers, grandmothers, aunts, or sisters. Others receive new rings, starting their own chapter.

Smiles are infectious as Mrs. Nicky Wood, physical education teacher, turns senior Kylen Perrone’s ring. Senior Abigail Pratt shares the joy of the moment in St. Mary’s Hall during Ring Day on Sept 5. – photo by Isabelle Fitzmorris

“The mix of old and new represents Dominican as a whole. We honor tradition while always looking for ways to keep the school current,” said Mrs. Jessica Couch (’05), special projects director.

Teachers and alumnae consider the day as one of their fondest memories of Dominican. “Ring Day was the day my family got to see my second family — Dominican,” said Mrs. Couch. Ms. Charlene Ford (’01), English teacher and senior faculty coordinator, added that “standing in the halls as the seniors are running brings a smile to everyone’s face. It’s just contagious.”

Both seniors Alexandra Brothers and Abigail Brown received legacy rings from their mothers who graduated in ’85 and ’91, respectively. “Receiving my mother’s ring really shows the importance of family and tradition,” said Brothers.

Brown was very eager for chance to run down the halls and have all her friends turn her ring. Seeing the seniors run is exciting for both students and faculty, but what they run in only adds to the experience. Over the last decade, it has become a tradition for seniors run in fun shoes from crocs and slippers to boots and painted saddle oxfords.

The Shoes Have It! The shoe game was in full swing this year! Seniors show off their footwear during the traditional run through St. Mary’s Hall on Ring Day, Sept. 5. Featured shoes include Bryce Leonhard’s junior year Rally Day-inspired saddle oxfords (top left); Abigail Brown and Alexandra Brothers’ Jayette boots (top right); and Regan Ellis, Addison Folse and Chloe Mahl flaunt their decorated white boots (bottom). photos by Olivia Olson

For their rush down the halls, Jesuit Jayettes Brown and Brothers donned decorated dance boots. The seniors’ boots, worn during football game performances, featured their initials and other decorations.

“This is very special to Alexandra and me because we’ve been on Jayettes together since freshman year, and now we’re best friends,” said Brown. “so it means a lot to be doing this together on Ring Day.”

The day of tradition brings so much joy and excitement for the year ahead for the entire Dominican community. English teacher Ms. Rachel Moore (’13) sees this day as beautiful because “Ring Day is the day the girls run through the halls and light the world on fire.”

  • Olivia Olson