Dominican Golf Team Swings Through the Season

The Dominican Golf Team swung into action and placed at the Regional Meet on April 23 after participating in the Metro Tournament on April 10. From the tee to the green, the team competed well on the links.

After training and practicing hard with head coach, Mr. Rick Ciolino, the Dominican Golf Team celebrates the end of their season with the Regional Meet on April 23. The 2019 team included freshmen Molly Stavinoha, Barbara Algero, senior Saheba Cuccia and freshman Olivia Hurley, Ada Holmes (missing from photo).

At the Regional Meet, the three members who competed were freshmen Ada Holmes, Molly Stavinoha and Olivia Hurley. Holmes placed twelfth with a final score of 93. “I love being on this team,” said Holmes. “Even though we are a very small team, we always find a way to laugh and have fun. Each time we play golf together, we become closer.”

Earlier in the season at the Metro Tournament, Stavinoha, Hurley,  freshman Barbara Algero and senior Saheba Cuccia focused on the fairway. “I feel both sad and happy that I am finishing my final season of golf. I have been on this team for five years, and it’ll definitely be a change next spring when I do not get to play golf a few times a week,” said Cuccia.

This team has learned dedication with the help of the father-daughter coaching duo Mr. Rick Ciolino and Ms. Ashlyn Ciolino (’07), coach and golf moderator, Coaching together for five years now, Mr. Ciolino took on the role of head coach last season. Ms. Ciolino, who also teaches in the P.E. department at DHS, says she enjoys spending time with her father on the golf course.

“It’s something we have done for most of my life, and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it,” said Ms. Ciolino. “He was always coaching me in any sport that I played, so to see him coach others and see how much he enjoys it is pretty cool.”

Playing in her final golf match at the Metro Tournament on April 10, senior Saheba Cuccia celebrates with Ms. Ashlyn Ciolino (’07).

As far as coaching together goes, Ms. Ciolino said, “It’s fun to make coaching decisions with him now instead of him making all of the decisions for me. I think all of that has helped us grow in our relationship.” With the Ciolino duo coaching the team, the golfers grew closer to one another throughout the season.

“I’m proud that the team really bonded this year and had a lot of fun while improving each of our own games,” said Cuccia. “We had the team spirit as well as the love of both golf and each other to always cheer each other on.”

  • Jennifer Yrle