DHS Introduces the 2019-2020 E-Board

With a crowd cheering her on, Vice President Zoee Hunter realizes that she’s been elected to the 2019-2020 E-Board as outgoing Vice President Olivia Singleton gears her up to run down St. Mary’s Hall. “It feels so good to be a part of the upcoming E-Board, as well as being a part of tradition,” said Hunter. “I’m so excited for the year to come.”

As the words, “One year ago, I sat in my desk waiting for my name to be called…” fill St. Mary’s Hall, students rush into the hallway to hear the news of who will be on the next Student Council E-Board. In April following a week of campaigning, Dominican students elected next year’s Executive Board.

Now introducing the 2019-2020 E-Board: President Erin Sequeira, Vice President Zoee Hunter, Secretary Bryce Leonhard and Treasurer Alyssa Helwig.

During the two days of voting, candidates experienced nervousness and excitement as they waited in their homerooms for their names to be called over the P.A. “My leg was shaking, my heart was beating and I was just so nervous, but in a good way,” said Vice President Zoee Hunter. “I was filled with a rush of excitement.”

Not only were the candidates excited, but students were, too. Students gathered in the St. Mary’s Hall to cheer on the newly-elected E-Board members. Keeping with the tradition, the incoming and outgoing E-Board members ran down the hallways to be congratulated by the student body. “Running down the halls was so exhilarating and exciting because I got to see all of the students cheering me on,” said President Erin Sequeira. “It made me happier than I already was.”

“So much goes into E-Board elections.  Being on E-Board is definitely a big responsibility,” said Ms. Lauren Bordelon, student council moderator. “They’re a strong team. They’re going to learn how to share each other’s ideas while having the time of their lives.”

Hey Mom, Guess What? On April 12, newly-elected E-Board Treasurer Alyssa Helwig calls her mom to deliver the big news. “I’m Treasurer, Mom. I got the position!” On April 11 and 12, students of St. Mary’s Dominican selected the 2019-2020 Executive Board.

In the next school year, the E-Board plans on bringing new ideas and activities to the table. “We’re brainstorming so many ideas for this upcoming year because we all want the 2019-2020 school year to be successful,” said Sequeira. “Trust me when I say, it’s going to be good.”

As this school year comes to an end, the 2018-2019 Vice President Olivia Singleton saw the elections as being bittersweet. “I was excited to see what goes behind the scenes, but it was emotional thinking of all the memories I have from this year.”

Outgoing E-Board President Cappy Elvir shares those bittersweet feelings. “Being on E-Board has meant so much more than just planning events,” said Elvir. “It’s about leading your peers through tough times and showing them that there can always be a brighter side.” Elvir wants the new members to remember to “spend quality time together and have fun. It might be over before you know it!”

  • Jade Nguyen