Alums Bond Through Rally Day

Arriving at Dominican after years of being away, alums reunited to relive the most exciting day of the year, Rally Day.

Taking the floor, the L’Eighties of the Red Carpet show off their Oscar Award on Oct. 29 in the gym during Alumnae Rally Day.

Cheers, costumes, and relay games brought the excitement back to alums during the second Alumnae Rally Day. On Saturday, October 29, nearly 250 alums from the graduating classes from the 1950s to the 2010s revisited their past through Rally Day.

“Dominican was a very important part of my life,” said Ms. Maureen Eames (’82). “The values and lessons I learned there helped make me a better person. Having the chance to experience some of that spirit and visit with other alums was a valuable opportunity.”

Remembering their heavenly Rally Day experiences, the Blue Angels spirit stick, Ms. Karen Boudreaux (’75), and mascot, Mrs. Lynn Levy O’Leary (’70), reunite to cheer in Dominican style. They were part of the second Alumnae Rally Day held in October.

Just as it is for Dominican students, Rally Day is a highly-anticipated event for alums, too.  Participating grads spent months preparing the cheers, hand motions and headpieces – all to relive their Rally Day glory.

The Blue Angels, from the decades of ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s, took first place artistic presentation.  They also won for best headpiece, mascot, poster and attendance, filling the SARG with smiles and laughter. 

The Blue Angels’ mascot, Mrs. Lynne Levy O’Leary (’70), and spirit stick, Ms. Karen Boudreaux (‘75), share a love for Dominican. “Things never change when we come back to Dominican,” said Ms. Boudreaux, and even some of her former teachers still know her familiar face.  Mrs. O’Leary agreed, saying that when she returns to Walmsley Ave., “Time melts away.” 

The L’Eighties of the Red Carpet took the junior bleachers with loads of spirit.  In fact, the alums of the 1980s won best spirit stick and best cheerleaders.

Rally relays are always an important part of the day, and the alums of the ‘90s took first place. With the theme of Thanks A Bunch, Dominican, they raced with scooters, hamster wheels and hoola hoops.

Ending with a big finish, alums of the ’90s perform in the gym during Alumnae Rally Day in October.

The youngest group of alums, representing the 2000s and 2010s, were the green-garbed 2K Pop Mixtape.  They may have been the freshman alum class, but they secured a win for overall presentation. They also won best pep squad and best cheer. 

Alums of the 2000’s rock the Sarg during Alumnae Rally in October. Showing off their pep squad and cheers, the Pop 2K Mixtape took home the prize for the overall presentation award.

“Dominican Rally Day provides a special opportunity for women from diverse backgrounds and beliefs to have a singular focus on the spirit of Dominican and their group,” said Ms. Eames.  “For those few hours, no one cares about your social status, family make-up or political beliefs. Everyone is united in Dominican spirit.”

  • Jennifer Yrle