Ring Day: The Tradition Continues One Ring at a Time

Some rings are new. Some are rings old. And the legacy continues with a new class of Dominican seniors.

On September 7, the Dominican class of 2019 continued the tradition of Ring Day, which includes Ring Mass and running down the St. Mary’s Hall. The annual celebration began in the Sister Ambrose Reggio Gym with Fr. John Restrepo, O.P., celebrating Mass and blessing the rings.

As they do each year, the class’s coordinators shared their memories of eighth through twelfth grades. Past coordinators Dina Alawamleh, Maggie Latham, Cappy Elvir, Chloe Whitcomb and senior coordinator Camryn Wisniewski spoke of important moments during their tenures.


Two generations from the Alexander family show off their legacy rings amidst the excitement in St. Mary’s Hall on Ring Day 2018. Ms. Kate Alexander (’17), Mrs. Katey Fitzmorris Alexander (’91), senior Annie Alexander and junior Molly Alexander are bonded by this ring that extends from the root of Dominican sisterhood. “I am extremely excited to receive my ring next year since I’ve seen both my sisters get their rings,” said junior Molly Alexander. “I believe I was actually the first one to turn Annie’s ring.”

Of course, the highlight of the Ring Mass was receiving the coveted senior ring.  Receiving her Dominican senior ring represents something different to every senior. “It’s a symbol of sisterhood,” said senior Ashley Miles.

Some seniors receiving rings were part of a legacy of Dominican High School, which means their family members are DHS alumnae. For example, the Alexander family has a legacy that has spanned for four generations. Senior Annie – a fourth generation Dominicanite – comes from a long line of Dominican graduates including her great grandmother Mrs. Katherine “Kitty” Raphiel McKay (’37); grandmother Mrs. Kay Fitzmorris McKay (’62); mother Mrs. Katey Fitzmorris Alexander (’91), Dean of Students Services; and her sister Ms. Kate Alexander (’17).

Annie now wears the ring worn by her mother, Mrs. Alexander. Annie said she loves that wearing her ring has brought her closer to her mom. “It’s important to me because it reminds me of my family and all the good memories I’ve had at Dominican,” Annie said. “It reminds me of all my accomplishments and that this is just the beginning of the next chapter in my life.”

Following Mass, seniors with new and legacy rings alike rushed to St. Mary’s Hall for the celebratory run. Waiting to turn rings, Dominican students, spend-a-day students and teachers lined the hallways to experience this Ring Day tradition. The anticipation became more palpable as the sounds of the swishing white gowns and the stomping of the seniors grew closer.

chloe and camryn

As smiles radiate throughout St. Mary’s Hall, seniors Chloë Whitcomb and Camryn Wisniewski dash to find their fellow classmates. The traditional running down the halls takes place in St. Mary’s Hall after the Ring Mass and Ceremony.   – photo by Jade Nguyen

“It was so surreal. In the moment, I couldn’t even believe it was happening. It didn’t hit me until afterwards,” said Miles. “It was like a dream in a way.”

While the girls with the legacy rings were running down the hallways, they couldn’t help but to think about their mothers or grandmothers doing the same thing years ago with the same ring.

“Legacy…I can pass it down to generations and carry on that whole legacy that Dominican is about,” said senior Savannah Rouzan.

New to the tradition, eighth grader Adele Talbot and Sophia Martin described their first Ring Day with excitement. Talbot described Ring Day as a thrilling and interesting day that was “really new for me and it was really different.”

“In just a couple of years,” Martin proudly said, ”that’s going to be me.”

  • Jade Nguyen