E-Board Gets the Votes

“One year ago, I sat in my desk waiting for my name to be called…”

On April 5 and 6, DHS students listened to these words from the present E-Board officers while anxious candidates hoped to be elected to next year’s E-Board. After two days of voting, Dominican students chose their E-Board representatives for the next school year.

Presenting the 2018-2019 Executive Board: President Cappy Elvir, Vice President Olivia Singleton, Secretary Lizzy Bourg and Treasurer Maggie Latham.


Full of joy and excitement, newly-elected E-Board President Cappy Elvir runs down St. Mary’s Hall with current secretary Katie Mouton and vice president Cole Pittman. On Apr. 5, students gathered in the halls to congratulate the members of the new E-Board. “It was such a great moment to be able to run down the halls and look at the faces of the girls that elected me to lead them through the next year,” said Elvir. “I didn’t stop smiling once.”  photo by Kathryn Valldejuli

During the voting process, these candidates sat nervously in their homerooms just moments before student council announced who next year’s officers will be. “The mystery of waiting was fun, but it was also very stressful,” said incoming president Cappy Elvir. “I can’t even describe the feeling I experienced after my name was called. I’m pretty sure my cheeks are permanently sore from grinning so much.”

Many emotions filled the school on election day. “It’s nerve-racking but also exciting” said Ms. Erin Baker (’95), student council moderator. “It’s the end of one E-Board’s time but just the start for a whole new group.”

Accompanied by cheers and kudos, the newly elected E-Board members made the traditional run through St. Mary’s Hall. “Running down the halls was amazing!” said incoming treasurer Maggie Latham. “Seeing everyone so proud of me warmed my heart.”

DSC_1005 (2).JPG

With students cheering her along, treasurer-elect Maggie Latham sprints down St. Mary’s Hall. “Getting a spot on E-Board was what I’ve wanted for years. It felt like everything was falling into place,” said Latham. “We have already started planning all of the exciting events that we want to pack in our senior year.”  photo by Kathryn Valldejuli

The E-Board will be working all summer long to prepare for the year ahead. “I hope to bring new things to DHS and use my creativity to unite all of the grades,” said vice president-elect Olivia Singleton.

Outgoing vice-president Cole Pittman wishes the best for next year’s E-Board. “I hope next year’s E-Board really takes hold of this amazing opportunity they’ve been given,” said Pittman. “I hope they go with any crazy idea they think of and embrace the fun year ahead because it’ll be over just as fast as it started.”

  • Kathryn Valldejuli