Occupation Inspiration: Career Day at DHS

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Sitting in class at school, we may not think about our future careers. However, little do we know that we will all be future doctors, lawyers, teachers and other professionals. Our high school years prepare us to become successful women, and this year at Career Day, students got a glimpse of future career possibilities.

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With students engaged, Ms. Victoria Roberts (’12) talks about her work in the graphic design field. Ms. Roberts shared her experience as a graphic designer on Mar. 21 during Career Day. She stressed that her art classes at Dominican influenced her to go into the world of design. “Take the risk,” said Ms. Roberts. “How can you make your art different?”

At Dominican’s annual Career Day held on Mar. 21, dozens of professionals, including 30 DHS alumnae, shared their expertise about a range of diverse careers. Students attended informational sessions in where each guest speaker offered advice and insight on his or her profession. Presenters included a pediatric emergency doctor, a social worker, a pharmacist, an air force colonel, attorneys, marketing professionals and more.

“I like that I can share my experience as an active duty member,” said Air Force Colonel Jeannine Ryder, Commander at Keesler Air Force Base Medical Center. “I love that this program allows the students to understand the broad spectrum of opportunities and to see what their passion is.”

For more than 20 years, Dominican has held Career Day to inform students about what their futures may look like. This year, each guest speaker taught the students about what education they need to pursue their desired profession and what will benefit them most in the future.

Graphic designer Ms. Victoria Roberts (‘12) showed students her work from print to digital design, including her involvement with brands such as Perlis and Disney. “Don’t just do the bare minimum,” advised Ms. Roberts. “Take the risk and put your own spin on it.”

Lessons learned on Career Day helped students to begin to think about what they’d like to study in the future and possibly to choose as a profession.  “I loved meeting successful alumnae who once stood in my shoes,” said junior Olivia Singleton.

One presentation that especially struck the students was Colonel Ryder’s life lessons. Some of her words of wisdom included “work ethic will always vault you to the top, grow where you are planted and it’s about the team, not individual efforts.”

Gaining insight from successful professionals helped all DHS students to have a better understanding on what they’d like to work toward in the future. “I came out of Dominican with a strong background,” said attorney Anne Raymond (‘87). “I entered college prepared and driven.”

As students saw, the possibilities are endless. Career Day captured a wide range of opportunities and potential paths. “I love seeing the students get so excited about visiting their desired careers. It’s important for them to be exposed to so many professions,” said Mrs. Suzanne Ladmirault, guidance counselor.

“Career Day allowed me to venture into prospective professions and see what best fits my likeness,” said junior Elena Bateman. “I hope the whole school was influenced in the way I was.”

  • Kathryn Valldejuli