Richeson … Signing Off!

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By signing to continue her soccer career on the collegiate level, senior Abbie Richeson commits to Louisiana Tech University on Feb. 8 in the Siena Center. With Coach Albert Silvas, Principal Mrs. Carolyn Farve (’70) and Athletic Director Mr. Paul Spitzfaden supporting her, Richeson confidently moves on to the next step in her soccer career.

Richeson played right wing for Dominican for four years.  She will continue in as a midfielder in that same position at LA Tech.

Richeson has played soccer since she was eight years old, working towards the goal of hopefully making her love of the sport into something special. From playing the Chicago Fire travel teams at eleven to joining the Dominican varsity team in her freshman year, Richeson has all the qualifications of a great teammate. During her 2017-2018 Dominican soccer season, she scored 8 goals and had multiple assists.

Though her high school soccer career is over, Richeson continues to train for her upcoming season with LA Tech in Ruston. “I’ve been working on my fitness and technique these past few weeks,” said Richeson. “I want to be the best I can be when I begin pre-season in August.”

As she moves towards the next chapter of her soccer career, Richeson never forgets the hard work and time she’s put into the sport. “I’ve stuck with soccer for over half my life now,” Richeson said. “It’s become a part of who I am, and I absolutely love it.”

  • Claire Perez