Walmsley Goes Global

“Grab your passports, Dominican. We’re taking a trip around the world.”

The trip began on November 15 at the annual Multi-Cultural Festival held in the Sister Ambrose Regio Gym.  Organized each year by the Multi-Cultural Club, the festival is a celebration of cultures and countries represented in DHS and around the world.

The festival also featured a special performance by local songstress and alumna Ms. Robin Barnes (‘05) and students from the neighboring Lafayette Academy.

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Hand in hand and excited to showcase their beautiful gowns, seniors Brooke Davis, Jeanine Halum and Erynn Johnson model Palestinian dresses.  As part of the Multi-Cultural Fest Fashion Show in November, they celebrated the attire representing Halum’s Palestinian roots.                                        – photo by Inziya Magee

The Multi-Cultural festival has a significant influence on Dominican and its students. “Having a very diverse student body, Dominican is able to come together and celebrate the many different cultures DHS has,” said senior Chrysta Porter.

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CRACK! Focusing on the board, senior Anne Marie Camardelle demonstrates a martial arts move by breaking the wooden board held by her coach, Steve Higgerson.  Camardelle shared her love of  Tang Soo Do during the annual Multi-Cultural Festival held in the Sister Ambrose Regio Gym.  – photo by Inziya Magee 

On this journey, students traveled all over the world. For this trip, “we focused on different regions like Southeast Asia, North and South America, the Middle East, Europe and Central America,” said Mrs. Claudia Vallejo, Multi-Cultural Club moderator. Students enjoyed ceremonial dances from Ireland, Africa and America, martial arts demonstrations, a colorful array of cultural dresses, and musical performances derived from multiple parts of the world.

Part of this tour around the world included students from neighboring Lafayette Academy.  These elementary-grade students traveled down Walmsley to perform a native African dance. The students, returning guests to the event, gave yet another exquisite performance for the Dominican students.

“Lafayette Academy has a skilled program and specifically addresses the African culture,” said Mrs. Suzanne Ladmirault, guidance counselor and Multi-Cultural Club co-moderator. Following the African adventure, students then traveled to Cuba for a festive dance.

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Demonstrating the Cuban culture, freshman Victoria Bordelon performs a Cuban dance to “Guantanamera” by Celia Cruz. Because her grandfather is of the Cuban heritage, Bordelon chose this patriotic song to celebrate her family’s ancestry.  – photo by Inziya Magee

Freshman Victoria Bordelon danced a Cuban dance to “Guantanamera” by Celia Cruz.  Bordelon says she choose this specific song because her grandfather is from Havana, Cuba. “My family is Cuban, so whenever I go home I can hear the salsa music playing through my bedroom,” said Bordelon.  She believes her Cuban heritage has a major influence on her life.  “I live and breathe the Cuban culture, and I love it,” Bordelon said. After seeing a beautiful Cuban dance, students traveled to Spain.

When in Spain, the students heard angelic music playing.  Sophomore Naya Thomas performed a soulful rendition of “Como la Flor” by Selena y Los Dinos. Her vocal performance earned her a standing ovation from the crowd.

Traveling further north, DHS students journeyed to Ireland where the Bickerton sisters performed a traditional Irish dance. Sisters Caroline (senior), Catherine (sophomore) and Jane (eighth grader) performed their complex dance routine that left the audience in awe. Following the visit to Ireland, the festival ended in America with a high energy hip-hop routine.

Seniors Maddie McGovern and Alison Dupre performed a hip-hop routine with a mash-up of popular American songs. “We used songs from various artists and incorporated dances we’ve seen our favorite dancers do,” McGovern explained. McGovern and Dupre began practicing the routine in August, anticipating making the dance perfect for the festival. “We practiced a lot, but it was fun making up the dance and performing it,” said McGovern.

The Multi-Cultural Festival showcases the diverse cultures that reside right here at Dominican.  For more information about this annual event, contact Mrs. Vallejo or members of the Multi-Cultural Club.

  •  Inziya Magee