DHS Faculty Rocks On

“What Was Your First Concert?”

Inquiring minds want to know more about DHS teachers’ initiation into the School of Rock.  The Star staff did some investigative reporting to bring you the facts about the faculty’s first concerts.

Prince final

Ms. Anjel Guitroz and Mr. Theron Ferry 
In addition to being DHS faculty members, Mr. Ferry and Ms. Guitroz have something else in common.  Both of them experienced Prince as their first concerts. Mr. Ferry was 20 when he attended a Prince concert at the UNO Lakefront Arena in the 1980s.  Ms. Guitroz was a star-struck 16-year old  when she saw Prince at the Saenger Theatre. “I knew we would lock eyes, and he would be my husband,” Ms. Guitroz said.   Both Ms. Guitroz and Mr. Ferry agree that their favorite Prince song is “Adore.”

frick final

Mrs. Dawn Frick
Mrs. Frick’s first concert was L.L. Cool J in the Superdome.  She was only fifteen, but she was “exhilarated” to see her favorite rapper.  “He was the biggest rapper at the time,” she said.  “He was from New York, and he was handsome.”  “Rock the Bells” is Mrs. Frick’s favorite song by L.L. Cool J. 

reuter final

Mr. Ryan Reuter
As a sophomore in high school, Mr. Reuter ventured to the Audubon Zoo for his first concert – Debbie Gibson.  A fan of the Gibson’s music, Mr. Reuter said he found the concert to be “loud.”    Mr. Reuter’s favorite Debbie Gibson song was “Out of the Blue.”

coach wood final

Mrs. Nicky Wood
Mrs. Wood was twenty when she attended her first concert.  Journey played at the New Orleans Arena, and Mrs. Wood was there. “I was playing college volleyball at the time, and my family surprised me with tickets,” she said.    She had liked Journey since high school and said the show was “unforgettable.”  Mrs. Wood encourages students to “Don’t Stop Believin’,” her favorite Journey tune. 

dr rup final

Dr. Wayne Rupp
Robert Plant, former front man of Led Zeppelin, was playing at the UNO Lakefront Arena, the Black Crows were the opening band, and 13-year old Wayne Rupp was there.  He said he was so excited about his first concert and said the performances were “just so cool.”  Dt. Rupp thought Robert Plant was cool, and his favorite song from the concert was “Tall Cool One.”

ms donallyfinal

Mrs. Cynthia Donnelly
Mrs. Donnelly’s first concert was the rock band Foghat.  She was 21 and working for a radio station in Houma when she heard about the concert.  Mrs. Donnelly was a Foghat fan and thought the show was “fun and exciting.”  “Fool for the City” was Foghat’s biggest hit and Mrs. Donnelly’s favorite.


Mrs. Michelle Baxter
Mrs. Baxter was twelve years old when she and her friend attended the 1998 Milwaukee Summer Fest for one reason – Hanson.  “We begged our parents, and they surprised us with tickets,” she said.  “Hanson, those heart throbs, were everything to us.”  Mrs. Baxter loved “Mmbop” by Hanson.

lefante final_

Ms. Casey Lefante
Ms. Lefante attended her first concert when she was a high school senior. Her sister surprised her with tickets to an N’Sync show at the Superdome. She had never liked boy bands before seeing N’Sync but thought “they were really cute.” She found the experience “exciting. So exciting that I was almost nauseated.” N’Sync’s “Tearin’ Up My Heart” was Ms. Lefante’s favorite. 

ms ruppert final

Ms. Jordan Ruppert
Ms. Ruppert was only seven years old when she went to her first concert – The Backstreet Boys. Her parents brought her and siblings to the Superdome to her favorite boy band.  She thought the show was “so theatrical.”  Ms. Ruppert was a big fan of “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” by The Backstreet Boys.

duplantis final

Mr. Randy Duplantis
When Mr. Duplantis was a high school sophomore, he went to a White Snake concert at the UNO Lakefront Arena.  “I heard an ad on the radio that they were coming to town, so a friend and I stood in line at a record store to buy tickets,” he said.  Mr. Duplantis, who at one point wanted to be a guitarist, described the White Snake show as “loud.”  White Snake’s big hit, “Here I Go Again,” was Mr. Duplantis’s jam. 

Mrs steward final

Ms. Mazie Stewart
At sixteen, Ms. Stewart so excited to see the Indigo Girls at the UNO Lakefront Arena.  “They were an awesome girl power chick rock folk group,” she said. For a young Mrs. Stewart, the experience was “bliss.” Her favorite Indigo Girls song remains “Closer to Fine.”

reso final

Mrs. Ashley Reso
Mrs. Reso’s first concert was country singer Barbara Mandrell. Mrs. Reso was only 10, and she and her family were fans.  “I loved her TV show,” said Mrs. Reso.  “She was my favorite country singer.”  Mrs. Reso loved “I’m a Country Girl” by Barbara Mandrell.