“Lighting the Fire” for the New Dominicans

final of candels

Excited to induct her little sister in the Dominican family, senior Alex Rosenbohm lights eighth grader Spencer Protti’s candle during the New Student Induction ceremony in September.  This lighting of the candle symbolizes the passing of the Dominican legacy from one Dominicanite to another.  (photo courtesy of yearbook staff) 

What does it mean to be a Dominican?

It means being truthful and loyal to your friends and teachers.”- senior Catie Cabes

People respect where you come from and it gives you a greater sense of pride for your school.” – junior Kayla Lobell

To be within a sisterhood that supports you and loves you no matter what.” – sophomore Gloria Thomas

Dominican is a place of learning and teaching because we as Dominicanites educate those around us with the knowledge we learn in school.” – freshman Sophia Forest

Incoming eighth graders and transfer students are also learning what it means to be a Dominican. Their journey became official at the New Student Induction on Sep. 20 in the Sr. Ambrose Regio Gym. This traditional event officially welcomes new and transferring students into the Dominican family. Each year, students begin to learn what it means to be a Dominican through this spiritual ceremony.

DHS models itself on the four pillars of Dominican life: prayer, study, community and service. These pillars guide the Dominicans throughout their years at the school.

The 2017 Induction Ceremony was led by Dr. Cynthia Thomas, president of St. Mary’s Dominican, and Mrs. Carolyn Farve (’70), school principal. Joining them on stage was Sr. M. Dominic Savio Estorge (’56); Ms. Katie McGlone (‘98), president of the Dominican Alumnae Association; Brooklyn Comeaux, senior class coordinator and Mrs. Jill Cabes, Vice-President of Dominican Catholic Identity (’87). These Dominicans helped lead the girls through one of the most important moments of their high school careers.

During the ceremony, new students and family learned the history of how their school came to be and the meaning behind the symbols that Dominican stands by. Mrs. Cabes believes the most important symbol of the induction is “the candle because it represents not only the tradition of Dominican but also the light of Christ.”

Along with the candle, each inductee received a pennant and a Veritas shield pin from their senior sister or transfer buddy to symbolize their formation into Dominicanites. These gifts are just the beginning of what Dominican has to offer these new students.

After all speeches were through, seniors lit the way to the end of the ceremony by lighting their little sisters’ candles. This tradition symbolizes the passing of the Dominican legacy from a current student to an incoming student.

After the final blessing of the new students and a spirited rendition of “Light the Fire,” students processed out of the gym to a reception in Alumnae Hall.

“Although I haven’t been here long, I feel that being a Dominican means respect,” said eighth grader Annie Carr. “As Dominican girls, we are looked up to. Even as an eighth grader, I am already prideful and enthusiastic of where I will spend the next five years of my life.”

      – Claire Perez