DHS – We’re Gonna Miss You When We’re Gone


“My favorite Dominican memory is hitting the spirit stick for the last time at the end of our Rally Day cheer and turning around to see the whole grade crying, laughing, and hugging.”                           – Katie Scortino



“My favorite Dominican memory was receiving the torch for our grade from the seniors. Being junior coordinator was such an honor and having the legacy passed down to us at Rally Day is something I will never forget.” – Elizabeth Lorenzo



“My favorite memory is running to find my younger sister, Liz, on Ring Day so she could turn my ring!” – Sam Messonnier


“My favorite Dominican memory?? Finally getting to see Faculty Follies!” -Kathryn Fasold


“My favorite Dominican memory is when the entire school came together for the Mass and launching of the STREAM Initiative and the opening of the Gayle and Tom Benson Technology Building. All of the grades as well as the faculty shared a pride in Dominican its progress with great food and entertainment. We got to show off our school and how much we enjoy what Dominican provides us with.”  -Catherine Carr

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My favorite Dominican memory is hearing everyone sing “Light the Fire” for the first time because it was the moment I realized that I had picked the right school.” – Kelly Downey