Band and Choir Harmonize at LMEA

In April, Dominican’s Band and Choir performed beautiful harmonies and qualified for Louisiana State Music Educator’s state and district competitions. The Band and Choir compete each year to perfect their musical skills, including how to sight read and deliver a stage performance.

While performing at state in April, DHS’s Choir received an Excellent rating, earning a Superior score in sight reading and an Excellent in overall stage performance. At the Band’s state competition at Nicholls State University, Dominican earned a Good rating in stage performance and sight reading.


Dominican’s Band celebrates their Superior Sweepstakes at LMEA’s District Competition in April.

The band performed Peace Jubilee, March, Reflections and Maelstorm at the district and state competitions. While competing at the district competition in March, the band earned Superior Sweepstakes, receiving a Superior rating in overall performance and sight reading.

Along with the band, the choir warmed up their vocal chords as they perfected their voices for state. The choir performed Shule Aroon, Deep River and Venni, Venni Emmanuel at the district and state competitions. At district, the choir earned a Superior rating from the judges and an excellent rating in sight reading.

“The music has been a little more challenging this year than previous years,” said Ms. Brenda Castillo, band and choir director. “I am so proud of the girls; they have been stepping up their game in both groups, and I hope they will continue to pursue music outside of DHS.”