DHS Softball Steals the Season


Swinging into an amazing season, senior Sarah Helmsetter hits the ball past her East St. John opponents. DHS was triumphant over East St. John on Mar. 17 and won with a score of 9-5. 

The bases were loaded, the dugout was tense, and the DHS softball team was ready to swing its way to victory…

On Apr. 29, the softball team made DHS history by going all the way to the state championship game and landing the impressive title of Division I State Championship Runner-Up. Although they lost to Mt. Carmel Academy in a hard-fought game, the Dominican softball team stepped up to the plate this season and worked its hardest to push the team to victory. The team completed the season strong with a record of 21-14, which is the best record for a DHS softball team since joining the Louisiana High School Athletics Association.

“I knew the team definitely had the talent to advance this far into the finals, and I could not be prouder of what they were able to accomplish,” said Mrs. Dawn Benoit, softball coach.


Playing an intense game, senior Julie Lartigue fiercely prepares to stop her Evangel Christian Academy competitors from scoringDHS dominated Evangel Christian Academy in a hard fought playoff game on Apr. 29 with a final score of 9-3.

Throughout the season, the team had some solid wins leading up to the championship. The softball team defeated St. Joseph’s Academy with a score of 6-5 as well as Evangel Christian Academy with a score of 9-3 in the quarter finals and semifinals of the playoffs.  Earlier in the season, DHS was victorious over Franklinton High School with an impressive 11-0 win on Apr. 12. Also, they dominated Thomas Jefferson High School on Apr. 8 with a score of 11-0.

There were also some impressive personal performances throughout the season. Senior Sarah Helmsetter had a batting average of .357 and had the most homeruns. Junior Bella Brocato also played a great season and lead the team with 25 RBI’s.

“This season, our team proved the we do have the talent to make it to the finals, and I could not be more proud,” said senior Teresa Giorlando.

-Stephanie Mayer, Photo Editor