DHS Taps from Walmsley Ave to 42nd Street

maggie laughing

On the set of 42nd Street, the cast of Pretty Lady and director Julian Marsh (guest actor John Michael Haas) coerce Peggy Sawyer (senior Maggie Duplantier) to stay in New York and star in the show. 42nd Street was the twenty second show to be premiered in the DHS Fine Arts Festival.

On Friday, Mar. 31, DHS premiered 42nd Street in celebration of 22 years of Dominican theatre. DHS met its dancing feet in this year’s production as a part of the annual Fine Arts Festival in the Sister Ambrose Reggio Gym.

Thirty-six DHS students along with students from area schools including Jesuit, Brother Martin, Holy Cross, Christian Brothers, De La Salle and Archbishop Rummel made up the talented cast of Mark Bramble and Michael Stewart’s toe-tapping Broadway sensation.

Based on the 1933 film of the same name, 42nd Street tells the story of Peggy Sawyer – played by senior Maggie Duplantier – a dancer who leaves her hometown and moves to New York to pursue her Broadway dream in the production of “Pretty Lady.” When Broadway star Dorothy Brock – played by senior Brogan Hauskenecht – breaks her ankle, Peggy gets a chance at her big break. The musical incorporates classic songs and masterful choreography while chronicling the pursuit of the American Dream.

Upbeat and full of hope, 42nd Street is an iconic production that has been revived time and time again since 1980. “I chose 42nd Street because it’s energetic and fun and it’s still relevant today,” said Mrs. Rosalie Abadie, director. “There are so many kids out there just trying to make it and we wanted to make them understand that it takes hard work and guts and moxie to go out and make that happen.”

And make it happen, they did. On top of learning the lines and classic songs, the cast replicated the Broadway choreography. The musical was choreographed in part by sophomore Cappy Elvir alongside alumnae Kelly Fouchi (’90) and Maggie McGovern (’14).

“We took the choreography straight from the Broadway productions, so for Cappy to be able to take on such a huge role as a sophomore is impressive,” said Mrs. Marcia Peyton, assistant director.


Dorothy Brock (senior Brogan Hausknecht) shows director Julian Marsh what she’s made of before performing “Shadow Waltz.” Hausknecht joined dozens of other actors in the cast of 42nd Street. The production was part of DHS’s annual Fine Arts Festival held each spring.

Elvir, in addition to her behind the scenes role as co-choreographer, assumed an on-stage role of esteemed Broadway choreographer Andy Lee. Her standout performance was matched by those of Hausknecht, senior Carlin Dougherty and junior Annalyse Nelson.

The production was scored by the orchestra, directed by Ms. Brenda Castillo, and included members of the DHS band.

Mrs. Abadie and Ms. Angelle Caffery designed the breathtaking set. The scenery crew, directed by Ms. Caffery, was made up of DHS students who brought the set to life.

“It’s given me so much joy to be able to watch everyone grow and become a theatre family and come together to put on such an amazing production,” said Mrs. Abadie.

“We worked extremely hard this year,” said Duplantier. “And we really hope that everyone learns from Peggy that it’s important to never stop working toward your dreams.”

– Jailyn Heisser, Editor-in-Chief