St. Joseph Altar Created From Love, Helping Hands


Proudly displaying their labor of love, former Alumnae Director Mrs. Sandy Somerville (‘64) and Alumnae Director Mrs. Celeste Anding (’82) commemorate St. Joseph’s Day with a traditional altar in Alumnae Hall.

In late March, the St. Joseph Altar was displayed for students, teachers and guests to admire. A popular new Orleans tradition, the altar captured the true beauty of tradition and prayer, which Sicilian immigrants brought to the Crescent City in the 1800s.

Like the Sicilians, DHS donated all the food from the altar to those in need.  Dominican donated the traditional treats from the altar to residents of the nearby Pine Street Apartments.

The altar consisted of delicious foods:  700 fig cookies, decorated cakes, breads, various fruits and much more. Alumnae and students from all grade levels volunteered for days after school to make the delicious fig cookies from scratch, then ice and decorate them.

This was the second year DHS displayed a St. Joseph Altar, but the tradition will continue, according to Mrs. Anding.  “I hope students will carry on this tradition,” she said. “Tradition is what we do at DHS.”

– Morgan Forshag