Soccer Team Finishes Impressive Season

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With the help of teammate Lizzie Algero, Kepper intercepts the ball from MCA opponents to drive it to the goal. Although DHS fought hard in the semi-final round on Feb. 13, the team ultimately fell to the cubs 3-0.

Take a bow, ladies! The varsity soccer team made DHS proud this season with their 21-4-4 record. Unfortunately, DHS fell to Mount Carmel Academy 3-0 in the quarterfinal round of the playoffs on February 13, bringing their 2016-2017 season to an end.

After that tough loss to MCA, DHS ended their season ranked sixth in the division.

Prior to the quarterfinals, DHS defeated Dutchtown High School 4-0 in the second round on Feb. 8.

“Even though our season was cut shorter than we wanted, when we reflect on the season, it was very successful for us,” said Mr. Al Silvas, head coach. “Our team was closer than ever on and off the field, and that chemistry really helped them do their jobs.”

The challenges that the team faced this season were just another step toward success for them, though. “Each game presented a new task for us, and we took each one as an opportunity to learn and improve,” said senior Marcelle Kepper, attacking midfielder. “I could not be prouder to be a part of this team.”

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Sophomore Olivia Singleton aligns a kick from center field to start the second half of the game.

Although this season is over, this is not the end for DHS soccer, according to sophomore Olivia Singleton, center back. “We really proved ourselves this season, and now we know what to do differently next time,” said Singleton. “We’ll go further next year.”

A special congratulation to seniors Marcelle Kepper and Olivia Finger!  They were named to the 2016-17All-Metro Girls Soccer Team.

A toast of praise to you, DHS Soccer Team! DHS is so proud of you!

-Jailyn Heisser