E-Board Says


Maddie Wadkins, E-Board Secretary

The fourth quarter of the school year has begun, and we still have so much to look forward to. But before we focus on final exams and summer excitement, let’s talk about what a great third quarter we had!

Third quarter was filled with lots of fun times. We began a new year, celebrated Mardi Gras and, most importantly, we had another successful Rally Day. Ahh, Rally Day. It is the best day of the year, some would say better than Christmas. Seeing your class come together as one and participating in the excitement that is Rally Day is just amazing. There is no feeling like it in the world. Each grade’s performance was fantastic and really exhibited what it means to be a Dominican.

Let me point out that every grade placed in at least one category. Now that’s a successful Rally Day!

The eighth grade said Aloha to Dominican. Their cheer was great … and how about that spirit stick!

The freshman took us on a trip down memory lane with Flashback Freshman. Their cheer was on point and had awesome hand motions.

The sophomores hit it out of the park with Sophs Take Home. They amazed everyone with their sharp motions and great sound effects.

The juniors took us on a tour in their chocolate factory with Juniors and the Chocolate Factory. They definitely used the junior bleachers to their full potential. Great job juniors!

Last but not least, the seniors gave their final farewell with Senior Salute. The seniors came together for their last Rally Day and definitely left their mark. Way to go out with a bang, seniors!

You could obviously see all of the hard work and dedication that each grade put into their Rally Day efforts. Great work Dominican!

Although Rally Day is over, there is no need to be sad because we have lots more to look forward to. Softball, Track and Field, Tennis and Golf are competing.  The cast of 42nd Street is busily rehearsing.  Bleacher Swap is coming up, and each grade will trade purple for green, green for yellow, yellow for red, and finally red for blue. As for the seniors, our 30 day countdown has started! We have much to be excited about, but we still have some school left!

Summer is almost here, Dominican.  Keep your eye on the prize and stay focused!