DHS Defends the Defenseless


DHS Stands Up for Life – The Pro-Life Club gathers before a statue of St. Pope John Paul II while in Washington, D.C., during the March for Life. The group attended the annual march in January.in order to stand against the controversial Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion.  Attendees of the 2017 march for Life included (from back row) Ms. Ashlyn Ciolino (’07), Laurel Mire, Mary Coll, Miriam Waguespack, Chloe Dusang, Scarlett Abrams, Margaret Adams, (middle row) Anna Hinyub, Emily Callia, Meghan Rotolo, Molly Derbes, Sophia Zaeringer, Peyton Nunez, Emily Piglia, Alexis Daugherty, Mrs. Therea Maquar (’70), (ftont row) Emily Orgeron, Brooke Bailey, Bailyn Bender, Sarah Helmstetter and Samantha Messonier. 

Singing, praying and rallying were some of the memorable activities that 19 Pro-Life Club members participated in at the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. These Dominican students, along with hundreds of thousands of devoted pro-life supporters, faced freezing cold for one week in January in order to fight for life at every stage

The annual March for Life’s purpose is to stand against the controversial Roe V. Wade court case that legalized abortion in 1973. The March for Life specifically gives the Pro-Life Movement the chance to make a difference by meeting other people who share the same common goal: the end of abortion.

“It was amazing being able to look back at the large crowds marching together as one big family fighting for the right to life,” said vice president of Pro-Life Club, senior Bailyn Bender.


Filled with the Pro-Life Spirit – Seniors Chloe Dusang and Bailyn Bender walked with thousands in Washington, D.C. They joined forces with other members of the Pro-Life Generation by taking to end abortion at the annual March for Life in January. 

DHS not only represented St. Mary’s Dominican High School but the Archdiocese of New Orleans as well. Over 2,000 participants from Louisiana, including many youth groups and high schools, joined Archbishop Gregory M. Aymond on the march.

The March for Life gives the Pro-Life Generation a voice for their opinions. In addition, they make life-long friendships over a bond for protecting life at all levels.

“I loved meeting people from different parts of the Archdiocese of New Orleans and different parts of the country,” said junior Meghan Rotolo.

During the March for Life, DHS participated in numerous activities including the Louisiana Rally, Geaux Forth.  They also attended concerts, ministry nights and, of course, the actual march. Before the March for Life, Dominican students attended a powerful Mass celebrated by Archbishop Aymond. “You are making a difference in the United States. You are changing our culture from a culture of death into a culture of life,” said Archbishop Aymond.

Mrs. Theresa Maquar (’70), Pro-Life Club moderator, and Ms. Ashlyn Ciolino (’07), club co-moderator, led the girls on the march because of what this movement means to them. “They are taking a stand for life by physically being present to stand up for life in all forms from birth to natural death,” said Mrs. Maquar.

–  Stephanie Mayer