Feel the Wind in My Feathers



“Jude” the Less Yellow-headed Vulture, shows off her impressive wing span to an entranced DHS audience in the D.A. in January. 

On Jan.30, DHS’s Science Club hosted the Wind in My Feathers event for students to get a close look at a few of Louisiana’s native birds.  Raptor rehabilitator and educator Ms. Sally Farrell gave the forty-five-minute presentation in the D.A.  Ms. Farrell visits schools across the state to educate students about native birds and the importance of protecting them.

Throughout the event, Ms. Farrell presented live raptors, along with preserved feathers, castings, skulls and feet.  She discussed the role of raptors in the food chain and the importance of protecting them and their habitats.  Many species of raptors are endangered and in need of protection.  Ms. Farrell discussed how students can work toward protecting the overall environment for all species.

“It was a great opportunity to learn from expert who is dedicated to rehabilitating and protecting these animals,” said Mrs. Karen Plauche, moderator of the Science Club.  “These birds have a specific role in nature, and it’s important that we learn about this role to appreciate them.”

– Lauren Nguyen